zaterdag 15 oktober 2011

Vancouver Area.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Vancouver's Top Attraction, this 137 m long bridge crosses the Capilano Canyon at a hight of 70 m. It sounds impressive but in reality, it's not a big deal. After all we've been through from east to west and from north to south, this adventure didn't really give us something extra eventhough we had a lot of fun. There is a park and trail connected to the bridge with a lot of interesting info about the rainforest and the importance of water in the cycle of life. From the cliffwalk across the bridge to the walk through the treetops, Thurber was again...the hero of the day.

Stanley Park

This 404 hectare urban park is situated next to downtown Vancouver. It's a mixture of trails, forests, lakes, nature and culture. We went for an afternoon walk on a sunny day on one of the many forest trails and along Lost Lagoon from where you have a nice view on Downtown Vancouver, city of glass! And eventhough winter is coming, many flowers are still blooming in the colourful park-gardens.

Last Canadian Weekend Folks!
I hope y'all are ready for us...

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