dinsdag 25 oktober 2011

The end.

I write this after a wet day of work, it's the first evening I have the time to finish this story. We're back to reality...we're home! We had an awesome stay at Tanja's place in North-Surrey. She almost begged us to stay but everything in life comes to an end, thank you so much Tanja Tija Minga and Zz, pure girlpower!
We didn't sleep much the last night after an awesome eve of pre-pumpkin-carving! I'm part of the BoomShaKaLaKaBoom-family contest now, maybe I'll win the 2011-edition.

We had a long trip back to Belgium, it took us almost 20 hours to get here but we made it and so did Thurber!!! We'de like to say thank you to all the people we've met and to everybody that made it easier for us to come aound on this awesome journey! Beware folks, this is not the end of Meet The Moose.


Thomas Hannah Thurber in Ghent!

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